20’s 20’s 20’s

To win at Crokinole takes practice, practice, practice and playing, playing, playing.

Practicing 20’s is a great way to improve your game quickly. Each time you have an open board and you sink a 20 it puts pressure on your opponent to match your 20. One extra made 20 can be the difference between a win or a loss.

I suggest starting by shooting 100 discs ten at a time and writing down the number of shots you make versus the total of the 10 shots attempted, example 5-10. This will give you an easy way to calculate your made percentage of the total made of the 100 shots. Example: 47 made out of 100 = 47%.

As you shoot  each time, make sure you follow through with your finger pointing to the hole and not to the left or right.  Shooting and coming up short of the hole can be very frustrating  when you have an open board. It is better, in my opinion, to leave it long than to come up short on a open 20 shot.

So, as you practice your 20’s remember that every 20 made get’s you that much closer to a win.