Crokinole Family Game Nights Begin……

Crokinole Family Game Night begins Tuesday Oct. 1st at the John W. Black Community Center in Buckner, KY. Times are 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Free Crokinole Lessons and Round Robin Play.  Drinks will be available for purchase.  Come out and enjoy a great night of Crokinole play.  Hope to see you there.

The “One Cheek” Rule

From time to time a player needs to flick a disc from one side of their quadrant or the other. This is where the “One Cheek” rule comes in to play.  Because you cannot move your chair, once the game begins, you can only move your rear end from one side of the chair to the other.  One ” cheek” of your rear end must remain on the chair, even if it is only part of that cheek.  The chair legs must remain on the floor, they must not lean the chair to get to the shot. So, the next time you go for that edge shot of your quadrant remember the “One Cheek” rule.

Oldham County Parks Crokinole Nights

We met with Oldham County Parks Director, Tim Curtis, and Asst. Director Gary Parson today about having Crokinole nights at the Community center.

I am happy to announce that, beginning in October, the Oldham County Parks and the Louisville Crokinole Club will be having “Crokinole Game Night” twice a month at the Community Center in Buckner.  We are very excited about the partnership with Tim, Gary, and Oldham County Parks.

Dates, times, and specifics will be announced soon. Stay tuned!!!




Crokinole Play

While playing, something comes up that was not covered in the General Rules on our website. A good example was a question a visitor, to our website, asked. What happens when a disc goes off the playing surface in to the ” gutter”  and bounces back on to the playing surface making contact with one or more other discs?” Per the World Crokinole Championship rules, [Read more…]

Fundraising Events and Tournaments

Our Club will be working with groups to help raise funds by hosting Crokinole Events and Tournaments. We’ll provide the the Crokinole Boards and work with each group, non-profit or otherwise, to help insure a fun time for all. If you or someone you know has an interest in a Crokinole fundraising Event or Tournament just hit the “Contact Us” button, fill out the information section and we’ll be in touch.

Welcome to the Louisville Crokinole Club

Welcome to the new Louisville Crokinole Club website.  A site for and about the great game of Crokinole.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be discussing Crokinole and why it is such a great game for kids, adults, seniors, in fact anyone that has a little competitve streak within them.  We will be listing  places to learn and play the game of Crokinole in a fun and relaxed atmosphere as well as competitve events you can enter.

So, if you have an interest in finding out more about the game of Crokinole stick aroung or better yet click on the “Contact Us” button at the top and  be a part of a new, great game coming to Louisville.