Rules of the Game

Crokinole Basics

Crokinole is an action board game with elements of Shuffleboard and Curling reduced to tabel top size.

Players take turns shooting discs across the circular playing surface, trying to have their discs land in the higher scoring regions of the board, while also attempting to knock away opposing discs.

There is a shallow 20-point hole at the center. The inner 15-point ring is guarded by 8 small bumpers or posts. There are two other scoring rings, 10-points and 5-points.

The outer ring of the board is divided into 4 quadrants for up to 4 players. The outer edge of the board is raised a bit to keep errant shots from flying off the board, with a gutter between the playing surface and the raised edge to collect discarded discs.

Crokinole General Rules

Determine Which Color Shoots First:
Determine who goes first and who chooses their color by flipping a coin or any other means agreed upon.  For two player games, players get 12 discs.  For four player games, players get 6 discs each.

Only the Player Shooting Can Touch the Board:
The board, players, and chairs must remain in place (“one cheek” seat rule, chairs must remain in the same place at all times, one cheek of the player’s posterior must remain on the chair) at all times. Only the playerwho is shooting their disc can touch the board while others remain seated.

Position your Disc on the Shooting Line:
The line closest to the player is the shooting line. Place the disc so any part of the disc is touching that line. Every shot must be made from the shooting line and can be made from any where along the shooting line in his or her quadrant only.

Flick the disc at the center hole:
The first player then flicks, with a finger, the disc to the center hole, attempting to land in the center hole. If the disc lands in the center hole, it is worth 20 points and removed from the board for scoring at the end of the game. If the disc does not land in the hole it must remain in the 15- point circle to stay on the board, otherwise it is removed and place in the “gutter” area.

The next player must make contact with the opponent’s disc to stay in scoring position or if there are no opponent’s discs on the board then the next player may shoot for the “20” hole. Play continues until all players have shot all their discs. If a disc touches the outer ring closest to the players it is removed and not counted when scoring. If a disc goes off the board it remains off the board and neither is counted when scoring.

Count the Points:
Once all discs are played, points are counted. The points are as follows:

  • FIVE points for the outer-most ring
  • TEN points in the middle ring
  • FIFTEEN points in the ring closest to the center
  • TWENTY points for the center hole.

If any disc is touching the line of the lesser scoring ring, it is counted in the lesser scoring ring. Smaller point total, of a player, is then deducted from the larger point total and the net total is the score given to the winner of each round.

Games are played to a predetermined final score, usually 75 or 100 points

Competitive or Tournament play is scored in a different manner